Before fishing, familiarise yourself with the swim and think about how you will be able to cast without snagging on the trees and bushes.

If any trimming needs carrying out, please inform the bailiffs.



One the fish is safely in the landing net ensure it is at the bottom of the net and not hung up, check the line is clear from fish, paying close attention to the gills and fins. Do ensure that any nets with holes in them are repaired to avoid fins becoming trapped. If you are not planning on weighing or photographing your catch, if possible, unhook the fish in the net.



Place the fish on a wet large unhooking mat that will retain the fish and prevent it from struggling. Cover the eyes to calm the fish down. Never rip the hook out, take your time, keep the fish wet, if you are having retaining flaps on your unhooking mat use them and cover the fish’s eyes. Cool your hands in the lake as they will feel hot to fish, especially when holding them for the photo.



When moving fish into a wet sling ensure that the fins are always flat to its body.