Lake Rules

Our rules are here to ensure that our environment is protected, and that all members, fish and wildlife are safe, and that no ill-disciplined behaviour takes place to spoil the enjoyment for others.



  1. The use of keep nets is forbidden for the retention of any fish
  2. All rubbish is to be taken home; any littering will result in an immediate ban without refund of membership
  3. No lighting fires, BBQ’s and no playing of loud music
  4. No trespassing on surrounding farmlands
  5. No swimming in the lakes
  6. All anglers must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod License
  7. All anglers must have suitable unhooking, weigh slings, forceps, antiseptic fish care equipment for safe fish treatment on the banks for all fish
  8. In the interest of safety and public liability risk, wading and the use of boats is prohibited
  9. Dogs are allowed on site but must not bother other anglers, wildlife or enter the waters
  10. Cars are allowed on site but must be parked in the designated parking areas, and not behind swims
  11. All anglers must ensure the gate is locked behind them (when entering the site and leaving) It is in your interest to ensure the site is always kept secure. Do not leave the gate open for other anglers. Automatic dismissal if the code is shared with others.
  12. All members are automatically bailiffs and should ensure all other members abide by these rules and challenge people who are unknown to them, checking their membership
  13. Maximum session is 4 days and the angler must vacate the lake for 24hours, including removing all fishing tackle.
  14. Swims may not be occupied for more than 7 consecutive days by the same angler
  15. Swims must always be kept tidy
  16. There is no closed season, we may choose to close when the fish are spawning, but advance notice will be given.
  17. No lines to be left in the water unattended, the absolute maximum distance being the next swim
  18. No restrictions on hooks, but no leaders of any kind, Leadore, nylon, tapered or any other
  19. Bait boats are allowed, if used incorrectly the right to use will be removed
  20. An angler is permitted to leave their swim for up to 6 hours and not forfeit their swim, provided their swim is marked with most of their tackle e.g. bivvy, chair etc. But all equipment is left at the anglers’ own risk
  21. Day tickets will not be issued. These lakes are for members only. Members can arrange to bring a guest. There will be an additional £30 charge per day
  22. Members are responsible for their guests and must accompany them on and off the site. The guest will be issued a temporary card for the day, which must be returned at the end of the session, failure to return this card will endure further charges to the member until the card is returned at the daily £10 rate
  23. There is strict speed limit of 10mph on site
  24. All members must always carry their Membership Card and fish only lakes permitted
  25. Membership vehicle cards must be displayed on car dashboard when on site
  26. The good practise guidelines to handling large fish must be adhered to by all members
  27. All anglers should attempt to minimise the disturbance to other anglers
  28. Anglers may only fish one lake at a time
  29. Maximum of 3 rods at any one time
  30. No children under the age 16 can fish unless accompanied by an adult (over 21)
  31. If you see people acting inappropriately, please inform a bailiff
  32. Lost ID cards will be replaced at a cost of £10
  33. At points throughout the year, the lakes maybe closed for competition, warning will be given to all anglers
  34. Random spot checks will be carried out 24 hours a day by the bailiff. Any persons found not abiding by the rules will be asked to leave and banned from the lakes
  35. No unnecessary handling of fish, once weighed and any photos have been taken return the fish back to the waters as soon as possible
  36. Once you have caught a fish,
    1. Once netted leave them in the net in the water, making sure the line in the net is slack
    2. Wet your unhooking mat and weigh sling. Zero the scales with the sling, have a camera and everything ready including and any fish care ointment.
    3. Lift the fish out of the water and onto the mat making sure the line is slack in the net and the fins are flat to the fish
    4. Carefully unhook the fish and get it out of the net. Take your photo now, please do not weigh the fish before photos; there is no point in double handling the fish.
    5. Check the fish for any damage and treat with fish care products if necessary. Place the fish in the wet sling and weigh it now
    6. Return the fish to the lake in a responsible depth, carrying it in the sling. If you want water shots to let the fish have a breather before doing so.

If you see any angler with fish out of the water for more than a few minutes, please inform a bailiff

Please share your captures on our face book page, remembering to inform us of the lake and the size of the fish. Thank you

Our rules are not designed to be broken, they have been written to ensure that the lakes are a safe and enjoyable place for all.

Any of these rules found to be broken will lead to disciplinary action, and could result in a permanent ban from Skylark lakes