Lake Rules

Our rules are here to protect the fishery, the fish, the anglers, please read the following and understand, before purchasing you fishing permit.



  1. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence
  2. For the care and safety of the fish all anglers must have a suitable cradle or cushioned unhooking mat with sides.
  3. All anglers must have a large enough landing net (minimum size 42”)
  4. All anglers must have suitable equipment for fish safety and care, to include a large enough weigh/retaining sling, forceps if needed, and an antiseptic fish care spray to be used accordingly.
  5. No poles, No braided main line (only braid on spod and marker rods), lead core or leaders of any kind, including shock leaders. 
  6. Maximum size hook to be used is size 4, minimum line breaking strain is 15lb. Only Micro barbed hooks to be used. Randon hook checks will be made by the bailiff. 
  7. No lines to be left in the water unattended, the absolute maximum distance being away from the swim is 10 metres.
  8. There is a strict 3 Rod limit per angler.
  9. No unnecessary handling of fish, once weighed, photographed, please return the fish to the water as quicky and carefully as possible, ensuring you hold the fish in an upright position until recovered sufficiently to swim away. No standing with Fish.
  10. In the interests of safety and public liability risk, wading and the use of boats is prohibited.
  11. The use of keepnets is strictly forbidden for the retention of any fish.
  12. Swims are to be kept tidy and all rubbish to be taken home, this includes cigarette butt’s tea bags etc.
  13. No BBQs or open fires.
  14. No trespassing on any surrounding land.
  15. No fishing in areas that say no fishing allowed, anyone breaking or not abiding to the rules will be asked to leave the site.
  16. All cars/vans etc to be parked in the car parks and all equipment is to be carried or barrowed to your swim. Under no circumstances are you allowed to drive around the lakes to drop off or pick up tackle.
  17. Dogs are allowed on site, but must be kept on a under control, not bother other anglers, wildlife or enter the water. Any dog mess must be bagged and taken away from the fishery.
  18. There is a 10mph strict speed limit on site, do not exceed.
  19. Music, Radio, Phone noise must be kept to a minimum level of sound, so as to not be heard by others.
  20. No anglers must climb trees, cut back or disturb any vegetation on or around the lakes.
  21. Strictly No swimming.
  22. All anglers should minimise the disturbance to other anglers.
  23. No children under the age of 16 can fish unless accompanied by an adult over 21.
  24. If you see anybody acting inappropriately, please inform a bailiff.
  25. All anglers must ensure that the gate is locked behind them (when entering and leaving the site) Do not leave the gate open for other anglers.
  26. All anglers must display a permit in the front windscreen of the vehicle and always have one on their person.
  27. Only anglers who have booked and in possession of a permit are allowed on site.
  28. A Non fishing guest accompanying an angler i.e., wife, partner or child can only come on site by prior arrangement. The permit holder will be responsible for their guest and must accompany them on and off site.
  29. All fishing equipment such as nets, mats slings to be dipped in antiseptic solution and rinsed before commencement of fishing.
  30. Under no circumstances bring a fish sack onto the fishery. Having one in your possession will lead to an instant ban.
  31. Anglers fishing at Skylark Fishery do so at their OWN RISK. The owners do not accept any liability for injury, damage, or theft of angler’s property.
  32. Anybody being abusive towards bailiffs/staff will be told to leave site.

If the correct tackle is not used, you will be asked to leave.

Random hook checks will be made by bailiff.

Skylark Fishery wants everyone to enjoy fishing on the lakes. But anybody breaking or not adhering to the rules including drinking excessive alcohol, taking drugs or anti-social behaviour that may cause upset or disrupt other anglers will be asked to immediately cease fishing and leave site without refund.