The Lakes

What we at Skylark lakes offer is quality carp fishing in a beautiful surrounding where PBs could be broken. Across the three lakes there is a good cross section of carp, including some nice Old English Carp, Mirror Carp and Common Carp including a few heavily scaled Mirror Carp.

There are numerous 30lbs plus carp, present and a good number of 20s that will keep you busy if you get your tactics right.

We have three lakes the first one being the largest lake which is The Mere, this lake is just over seven acres with an average depth of 1.3m. It holds a good head of carp to over 20lbs with a few nearing the 30lbs mark and a few just over 30lbs.

Honey Lake is the second largest lake at 5.5acres but it is also the shallowest lake with an average depth of .9m. Honey lake is our premier carp lake with stock of carp of 25lbs plus, including some over 30lbs. The lake holds some magnificent very dark coloured Old English Carp, plus an absolutely stunning scaley Mirror Carp. Although this lake can get weedy, you may need to rake it before you can fish the lake, the picturesque scenery of the lake with its Norfolk Reed lined banks, mature shrubs and trees, not forgetting the hidden bays surely makes up for the weed. The carp in this lake are very wise which makes for a really good challenge, but worth it if you catch one. This lake is for experienced anglers only.

Browns Lake is our smallest lake at just over 3 acres, but also our deepest lake with an average depth of 1.4m. Browns holds a good head of carp to 20lbs plus, this lake also holds some good Tench, Bream, Roach and Pike, as does the Mere.

Last year we added in some new stock into Browns and The Mere, both Mirror and Common Carp from 15lbs to 25lbs to increase the stock levels. We are please to say these are growing well.

CCTV is in operation over the whole site.

Access to the lakes is via the back gate, not through the garden centre gate. Follow signs off Manea Road for RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre, follow the road around to the end of the road, you will arrive at the back gate overlooking the Mere lake. You will need to enter the gate code here, which is issued on you ticket confirmation.

We only allow access to the lakes, once a ticket has been purchased, and you can only access the lakes during your ticket times.

We do ask everyone to share their catch with us.

Please email with your photos.

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