The woods and lakes that form skylark lakes natural landscape are a haven for wildlife. As well as the more common species that you might see in your own garden, many unusual and scarce species visit the lakes including Muntjac deers walking in the shrubs, Buzzards high above, Greylag Geese and our regular visitor is the Kingfisher flying at speed from one perch to another.

Keep a look out for a wide variety of birds, mammals and insects. If you don’t spot them, you may well hear them or see the telltale signs that show they’ve recently been about. 

Our woodlands are rich in bird life; they make a perfect habitat for nesting and foraging for food.
Listen and look out for green woodpeckers drumming as well as the kestrels hovering above looking for prey.

We would love to hear about what you have spotted or managed to catch on camera.
The lakes themselves are tranquil spots for wildlife watching. They attract numerous types of birds that feed on the insects from the water.  We regularly see the flash of blue from a feeding kingfisher. 

Our frequent flyers on our waters are Coots, moorhens, mallards and Canadian geese. With dragonflies regularly spotted in the warmer months.

It’s not just the natural landscape that encourages wildlife we at Skylark are always looking to create ideal habitats for all types of wildlife.